Halloween Safety Tips For The Whole Family

Halloween Safety Tips for the Whole FamilyMake sure you don’t experience any real scares on Halloween with these family safety tips!

Halloween is a holiday that centers on the spooky. People put on costumes—sometimes even fearsome ones—and many head to haunted houses or look for other ways to get a scare!

If you have kids, you probably want Halloween to be more festive than frightful. We can help! Keep your Halloween scares of the family-friendly variety with these trick-or-treating tips.

  • Go As A Group: The more people you trick-or-treating with, the less likely you are to get targeted by people up to no good on Halloween night. Coordinate a big trick-or-treating gathering with your kids’ friends’ parents for more fun and less worry!
  • Have A Care With Costumes: Your kids are probably thrilled about the cool costumes they’ve picked out for Halloween. Make sure their enthusiasm isn’t soured by an issue by trimming too-long hems, enlarging eye holes in face masks, opting for comfortable shoes, and choosing soft, flexible props (e.g. swords, broomsticks).
  • Walk Wisely: Make sure you’re visible to cars before you try to cross the street, and cross at a crosswalk whenever possible. If you or your kids will be wearing dark colored costumes, consider adding reflective tape to the back of your costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
  • Be Cautious With Candy: Before you head out, get your kids excited about pre-packaged candy and get them in the mindset to think of unwrapped pieces not just as unsafe, but also as downright yucky. It’s also a good idea to go through their candy when you get home to make sure their treats don’t contain any tricks!

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