Valentine’s Day: Fun Facts

Valentines Day Fun Facts

Wow Your Loved Ones With These Interesting Facts

Valentine’s Day is an exciting day, but when commercial enterprises start shoving it down our throats just a few days after New Year’s Eve it can start to feel tedious by the time February 14th actually rolls around. To renew your excitement for the holiday, check out these fun facts.

  • Valentine’s Day yields $14.7 billion in sales for florists in the United States each year. This amount is shockingly similar to the gross domestic product of Iceland.
  • About 220,000 marriage proposals take place on Valentine’s Day each year. This is the total population of the city of Scottsdale, Arizona and means that 10 percent of all marriage proposals happen on this holiday.
  • The number of candy hearts that are manufactured for Valentine’s Day (8 million) is enough to stretch from Italy to Arizona and back twenty times.
  • You may think the roses you buy for your sweetheart are expensive, but consider yourself lucky. While the average for a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day in the United States is $75, in the UK the cost is $96, in Singapore it is $148, in Hong Kong it is $205 and in Bangkok it is a staggering $487.
  • While we chow down on candy during this holiday, young women in medieval times would eat bizarre foods to inspire dreams of their future spouses.
  • We can thank Richard Cadbury for the boxes of chocolates we send each other on this holiday. In the late 1800s, he debuted a box of these sweets specifically for Valentine’s Day.

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