Recent Study Reveals Seniors’ Health Care Habits

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How Seniors Choose Their Coverage

As Medicare has changed over the past couple decades, the habits of the seniors covered by Medicare have been forced to change with it. With coverage becoming increasingly complicated, the process of selecting coverage has become more complex as well. In order to better understand how today’s seniors are navigating this process, a recent study looked at nine focus groups and discovered the following.

  • When it comes time to choose a Medicare plan, the most important considerations for seniors are costs, including premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, ease of access to their desired health care providers, a good experience with the plan’s representative, and the adequacy of offered coverage.
  • Seniors are often frustrated by the volume of information they receive about their coverage options. This leaves them daunted by the task of organizing the information to educate themselves about their coverage options. When they tried to use the Medicare Compare tool on, many found the tool was unhelpful.
  • Because of the large amount of work required to select their Medicare coverage in the first place, many seniors decide to stay with their existing plans even when they are dissatisfied with their coverage or its costs. Several showed concern that by switching policies, their care could be disrupted or their coverage could be worsened. In an effort to avoid further difficulties with their Medicare coverage, the majority of seniors chose not to switch plans during the annual open enrollment period.

Fortunately, you do not have to find your way through the increasingly complicated process of navigating the changing Medicare landscape on your own. To talk with a healthcare expert who will ensure you get the right plan for your needs, contact The Misner Agency. Serving Bloomingburg, Livingston Manor, Westtown, Woodbourne, and all of New York, our dedicated staff can help you make the right choice about your coverage in every season of life.



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