Important Survival Skills for Everyday Life

Important Survival Skills for Everyday LifeHoning Your Survival Skills

The world can be an unforgiving place, especially if you have yet to hone your survival skills. Even living in the suburbs provides homeowners with a little scare every once in a while, which is why we have gathered these important survival skills for everyday life:

  • If a power outage is in the forecast, be sure to lower the temperatures of your freezer and refrigerator until they reach their coldest setting. Also, transfer perishables to your freezer so that the chance of the food lasting longer increases. Frozen food can last a couple of days without power, however, any food in your fridge will likely go back in under four hours.
  • We have all heard the saying “put yourself in their shoes,” but did you know that relates to house pests as well, even though they do not wear any shoes? By putting yourself in the eye of the beholder, you can identify vulnerabilities in your home that are inviting critters inside. Areas to keep a careful eye out for include decks, porches, air conditioning units, and higher ground that provides animals with a path into your home, such as large tree branches.
  • Honey can be a true life saver! Minor cuts and scrapes can be treated with honey, as this natural germ killer acts as an antiseptic due to its hydrogen peroxide content. Honey also has scar-preventing abilities and can work on many antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including MRSA.
  • When the lights go out the first thing you should reach for is a battery-powered LED flashlight or lantern, as opposed to an incandescent model. Making the switch to battery-powered LED can help to provide you with peace of mind when times get dark, as they last much longer.

We hope these important survival skills for everyday life allow you to conquer each obstacle with ease. Contact The Misner Agency for all of your insurance needs. We operate in Bloomingburg, Livingston ManorWesttown, and Woodbourne, NY.



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