Find Out If You Need Flood Insurance

Use this guide to figure out if your family needs Woodbourne, NY flood insurance.

Are you protected against the damages a flood would cause to your home and to your belongings? A lot of people assume the answer is “yes” because they carry homeowners insurance, but these types of policies usually specifically exclude coverage against flooding.

In other words, if you think you need protecting from floods, you need to secure a Woodbourne, NY flood insurance policy. To determine if you need this type of policy, use this guide.

  • Find out if you’re at risk. If your home’s area has never experienced a flood, it just doesn’t make sense to purchase this kind of coverage. To find out if your neighborhood is at risk for flooding, ask your insurance agent about any past flood claims filed in your region and consult FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center.
  • Find out if you can get it. In order to insure your community, insurers need proof that it participates in the National Flood Insurance Program. This basically means that your community is doing what it can to minimize flood damage, like securing levies. You can use the NFIP’s Community Status Book to check if your area will be eligible for this type of coverage.
  • Find out if you could survive a flood. Run the numbers on what repairing your home and replacing your personal property would cost your family after a flood. If you come up with a figure that’s greater than your family could comfortably cover, it makes financial sense to purchase flood insurance.

You shouldn’t have to go it alone when trying to figure out your insurance needs. To get advice from the experts on the type of coverage—including flood insurance—your family needs, contact The Misner Agency. We serve Bloomingburg, Livingston Manor, Woodbourne, and the rest of New York through comprehensive coverage paired with dedicated service.



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