Celebrating the Arrival of the New Year

Celebrating the Arrival of the New Year
The Arrival of a Fresh Start is Upon Us! Happy New Year!

The New Year is almost upon us, emphasizing the importance of formulating your list of New Year’s Resolutions and planning for a spectacular night to bring in the New Year! Whether you will be calling it a calm night or heading over to Times Square to watch the ball drop, it is always interesting to hear about how others celebrate the evening of a fresh start. Gathered are some interesting facts about the start of the New Year and where in the world the best celebrations take place:

  • Did you know that the Autumn Equinox or Winter Solstice used to mark the arrival of the New Year? Many cultures chose to celebrate the New Year at the same time as the arrival of the new season.
  • The first month on the calendar, January, was named after Janus, the god with two faces. This acts as a symbolic reference to Janus looking forward with one face and backward with the other, resembling how one looks forward to the New Year but reminisces on the past.
  • In Sydney, Australia, nearly four miles across the water are filled with a spectacular fireworks display that is known for being the largest and most impressive on the planet. As the first place to ring in the New Year due to the time difference, heading over to Sydney, Australia to celebrate the arrival of the New Year is an aspiration that everyone must add to the bucket list.
  • Since 1904, Times Square fills with hundreds of thousands of locals and non-locals alike ready to celebrate the New Year. Watching the New Year’s Eve Ball drop is a definite must-see at least once in your lifetime! There is nothing more impressive than being warmed by the company of your friends, family, and neighbors at the city’s axis.

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