Stomping Out Spring Allergy Symptoms

Spring Allergies Woodbourne, NY

Protect Yourself From Pollen With This Guide

Spring brings a welcome reprieve from the cold weather and the dreary days. It also, unfortunately, brings pollen. If you are one of the 35 million Americans who suffer from allergies, you need to know how to fend off your symptoms this spring. To help you, here are a few tips.

  • Safeguard Your Home: Keep windows closed to ensure pollen does not come into your home. It can also sneak in through your heating and cooling systems, so make sure that you have air filters with a high MERV rating to keep pesky pollen out of the house.
  • Plan Your Time Outside: Most plants pollinate between 5:00-9:00 a.m. so it is best to minimize your time outdoors in the mornings when your allergies are bothering you. Also, when it is windy pollen will be stirred up so cut down on your outdoor time on blustery days.
  • Prepare Yourself: Do not wait until you are suffering to take your allergy medication. Take it in advance of going outside so that your body is ready to fend off the pollen in the air. That way, you will not have to suffer your symptoms.
  • Detox After Time Outside: When you come back into the house, do not track all of the pollen with you. Change your clothes and rinse yourself off (do not forget your hair, which can harbor pollen) so that you can enjoy being home allergy-free.
  • Get Away: If you cannot get your allergies under control, take a weekend away to an area with a lower pollen count to let your body restore.

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