Homeowner Tips For Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

Preventing frozen water pipes

The 101 On Preventing Frozen Pipes

As the New York winter chill continues to settle, it becomes increasingly more important that homeowners complete the necessary preventative measures to avoid frozen water pipes. As a lifelong New York resident, frozen water pipes may be no surprise to you, however, we recommend focusing on preventing them this year as opposed to banking on recovery methods. Gathered are some helpful tips for preventing frozen water pipes:

  • If you have a swimming pool, it is wise to drain the water from it. Additionally, you will want to drain the water from your water sprinkler supply as well. Unless directed, do not add antifreeze to the lines.
  • All outdoor hoses should be removed, drained, and stored for the winter. Next, close all the inside valves that supply your outdoor hose bibs, while opening the outside hose bibs and draining the water. It is important that you leave the outside valve open to avoid a burst pipe.
  • If there is any water supply lines in your home that travel through unheated areas, it is important that you insulate these pipes. Areas of interest include your basement, attic, crawl space, cabinets, and your garage.
  • It may be a wise investment to install specialized products made specifically to insulate water pipes. These include pipe sleeves, heat tape, and heat cable. This will ensure that your pipes do not freeze and burst due to the winter chill.
  • When temperatures drop to freezing levels, it is important that you let cold-water drip from your faucets. This little trickle of water will ensure that your pipes do not freeze.
  • Most importantly, even if you will be vacationing this winter, do not allow the temperature in your home to drop below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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