January is National Blood Donor Month! Donate For The Cause!

January is National Blood Donor MonthDonating To Make The World A Better Place

Did you know that January is National Blood Donor Month? If you are thinking about ways to give back in 2015, this is an excellent way to give to an amazing cause. In fact, if everyone added donating blood on a regular basis to his or her list of New Year’s Resolutions, the world would be a much better place!

This promotional month of awareness takes a moment to not only encourage the donating of blood, but to commend those who roll up their sleeves to donate blood regularly as well. It is no coincidence that National Blood Donor Month is in January, as winter proves to be the most challenging time to meet the blood needs of patients. Winter weather conditions cause cancellations in blood drives, and the chilly weather can cause donors to cancel their appointments due to seasonal illnesses such as the flu and common cold.

There are a variety of reasons why one may choose to donate blood. Many of us do so because we were asked to, while others do so simply because it is the right thing to do. Whatever reasoning fuels your decision, your donation is greatly appreciated by those who are in need of healthy and reliable blood. While blood donors of all types are needed, blood that is in high demand is blood types O negative, A negative, and B negative.

If you are interested in being a part of the movement, click here to find a blood drive near you! The American Red Cross goes above and beyond to provide convenient blood donating opportunities for all, no matter where you live.

Join us in supporting January as National Blood Donor Month! Have you donated yet? Contact The Misner Agency for your insurance needs. We operate in Bloomingburg, Livingston ManorWesttown, and Woodbourne, NY.



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