An Added Benefit Of Homeowners Insurance: Additional Living Expenses

What you need to know about the additional living expenses coverage in your Sullivan County, NY homeowners insurance.

After a disaster, you know that your homeowners insurance policy would step in to protect your family. Specifically, you could rely on your coverage to cover the cost of repairing—or even rebuilding—your home and replacing all of the personal property the covered cause destroyed.

If you’ve imagined this scenario, though, you likely know that there are other expenses your family would face after a disaster. If you were unable to live in your home while it was being restored to its pre-disaster condition, you could find yourself facing steep hotel bills. Would your family be able to afford them?

Luckily, you don’t have to answer that question! Your Woodbourne, NY homeowners insurance policy contains a coverage called additional living expenses, which will do exactly what it sounds like: cover the additional costs your family incurs after a disaster.

What’s more, your additional living expenses coverage won’t just pay to keep a roof over your head, it’s designed to protect your all-around quality of life. That means that it can pick up the tab for the additional food expense your family incurs while eating out, since you lost use of your kitchen.

Generally, your additional living expenses coverage will pay out up to 20 percent of the insured value of your home. With it, you never have to worry that your family will face physical or financial discomfort after a disaster!

Since you’ve taken the time to get a homeowners insurance policy and invested money in maintaining it, we believe you deserve to know exactly what kind of protection it offers to you and your family. To talk with a dedicated agent who can help you get comprehensive coverage and fully comprehend it, contact The Misner Agency. Our knowledgeable team is committed to serving Bloomingburg, Livingston Manor, Woodbourne, and the neighboring New York cities.



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