Finding Coverage For Your Fire Pit

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Is Your Open Flame Insured?

As the nights slowly warm, you are likely getting more and more excited for those balmy summer evenings spent outdoors, enjoying the stars and great company. What better place to gather friends and family in the fresh air than around a fire pit? Before you install this improvement in your home, though, there is one question you need answered. Will your homeowners insurance cover your fire pit?

In most cases, the answer is yes but different parts of your policy will protect you depending on the pit itself. For example, if you have a small, portable fire pit it will likely be covered by your personal belonging coverage. A more permanent, built-in pit, on the other hand, would be considered an unattached structure and consequently covered differently.

Before you install your fire pit, talk to your agent to ensure that you will have enough coverage to protect it. If, for example, you are installing a permanent fire pit it is important that you have enough unattached structure coverage. Usually, that coverage is a percentage of the total coverage you have on your home, so it you have multiple unattached structures on your property you will need to talk to your agent to ensure that you are carrying enough coverage to protect all of them.

Your insurance agent is not the only person with whom you should get into contact before you install your pit, however. Contact your local officials to check that fire pits are allowed in your neighborhood. Also, ask if there are any guidelines you need to utilize when installing your fire pit.

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