The Culprits For Premium Increases

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Do You Know What Is Causing Your Homeowners Insurance Costs To Rise?

Your budget is carefully crafted. You know how much you expect to pay on each bill, and when you get a different amount due you are surprised. Although some of those surprises can be pleasant (good job turning off the lights in the house, kids!), when something costs more than expected it can be disconcerting, especially if you do not know what caused the increase. So you can best understand your homeowners insurance, here a few factors that can raise your premiums.

  1. Your Work:Do you run a business out of your home? You need extra coverage to protect it. From a mailman slipping while delivering a business-related package to business equipment getting damaged in your home office, you do not want to leave your business exposed to risk. The increased liability that comes with running a business out of your home will cause your premiums to increase.
  2. Your Home:Your home itself can be the culprit if you have design or structural elements that are high-risk. Wood-burning fireplaces, poor plumbing, old wiring and other similar factors will lead to you seeing a higher number on your insurance bill.
  3. Your Recreation:Unfortunately, some of the elements we most love about our homes, such as a tree house for the kids to play in or a swimming pool to enjoy during summer, also bring increased possibility of injury. These “attractive nuisances”—as insurance professionals call them—can spike your premiums.

Are you working with an insurance team who can help you avoid premium-raising factors and seek out discounts? Contact The Misner Agency for your insurance needs. We operate in Bloomingburg, Livingston Manor, Westtown, and Woodbourne, New York. Our dedicated team is here to ensure you get maximal coverage at the most competitive pricing.



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