Fire Safety Tips for the Merriest Time of Year

Fire Safety Tips for the Merriest Time of YearKeeping Your Family & Home Safe This Holiday Season

With the merriest time of year just around the corner, every homeowner should be taking measures to ensure safety during the holiday season. Many of the most joyous parts of the holiday season are associated with fire hazards and other dangers. We want your holiday to be filled with cheer and merriment, emphasizing the importance of keeping these essential safety tips close in thought:

  • If you will be decorating a tree this year, make sure to pick the freshest tree on the lot. This means choosing one that’s needles do not fall off easily. Once you decorate your tree in holiday cheer, be sure to set a timer to ensure that the tree is only illuminated when you are home. Additionally, do not forget to water your tree on a daily basis.
  • When hanging lights on the house, you must think safety first. This means having a spotter supervising when you are reaching tall heights and whenever you use a ladder. Before putting up any lights, make sure to inspect each strand to ensure that there are no frayed wires or broken light bulbs. You will also want to set these lights on a timer to ensure your house is illuminated after the electricity rush hour.
  • Before the holidays arrive, make sure to check and change the batteries of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This will ensure that you are informed of any dangers that may arise.
  • As beautiful and odor enhancing as candles may be, they can also be extremely dangerous if you leave them unattended or near combustibles. Limit your candle decorating to rooms in your home that are never vacant.

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