3 Apps for a Smooth Sailing Road Trip This Holiday

3 Apps for a Smooth Sailing Road Trip This HolidayHoliday traffic can be a nightmare – install handy dandy apps for easy driving!

If you and the family are traveling over the holiday period, you may already be prepared for heavy traffic and nose-to-nose driving. Of course, nothing makes us feel less festive than sitting on the freeway for hours and arriving late and tired to our destination!

Whether you’re driving to visit family, heading home for the holidays, or getting away for a weekend, holiday traffic is never fun! Before you hit the road on this year’s road trip, be sure have these helpful smartphone apps in hand (quite literally!) to turn your mundane drive into an epic adventure!

Read below for these driving transformation apps:

  • Road Trippers
    While many navigational apps route you from point A to point B, Road Trippers alerts you to all sorts of wonders that are on the way! From special attractions, natural wonders, filming locations, and unbeatable restaurants, Road Trippers allows your journey to be a part of your vacation! You can select what alerts you’d like, whether it be scenic routes or unique stops, and you can see what other travelers have said about the stops! For a road trip of a lifetime, this one is a must!
  • Waze
    This navigational app is by far the most superior road trip companion! Other Waze users report accidents, incidents, hazards on the road, police cars, traffic, and more! You can cut out hours of sitting in traffic from reports from other users which alert you while on the road!
  • My Scenic Drives
    Although this isn’t technically an app, this robust website can download your pre-planned trip to your GPS devices and can be used on all mobile devices. This acts as your tour guide, taking you around scenic routes and multiple stops. With a wealth of knowledge included, your road trip can turn into an expedition!

Enjoy your journey with these apps! Take a few minutes to review your auto insurance policy that will provide you with the protection that you, your vehicle, and finances need before embracing the holiday roads!

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