Using These Devices Leads To Dangerous Distracted Driving!

Avoid distracted driving—and the serious danger and uptick in your Orange County, NY auto insurance it brings—by stowing these devices when in drive.

These days, we’re essentially always digitally connected. When you can’t pull your phone out of your pocket, don’t worry! Your smart watch can come to the rescue. Don’t want to look down at your wrist? Try Google Glass!

In short, technology is everywhere. There is, however, one place it most definitely should not be. Avoid these devices when you’re behind the wheel or they could distract you while driving, leaving you facing an accident and higher Woodbourne, NY auto insurance rates!

  • Cellphones: 46 states have outlawed texting and driving, and 14 have outlawed driving while talking on a handheld device. Why? Because using your cellphone pulls your attention from the road ahead, putting yourself and others in danger while you drive. Airplane mode shouldn’t just be for flying; use it when you drive, too.
  • Navigation Systems: Your navigation system gives you turn-by-turn directions specifically so you can keep your eyes on the road – so use it! Pre-program your destination before you put your car in drive so you can avoid distracted driving.
  • Smart Watches: Your smart watch isn’t a smart workaround for laws prohibiting cell phone use. In fact, it’s more dangerous! In studies, it took people over 35 percent longer to respond to a hazard in the road when they were using a smart watch, as opposed to a cellphone.

The good news is that stowing these potentially dangerous devices while you’re in the driver’s seat can help you save on your auto insurance! To learn more about how you can slash your rates with a good driving record, contact The Misner Agency. Serving Bloomingburg, Livingston Manor, Woodbourne, and the surrounding New York cities, we’re here to help you understand every opportunity you have to save on your insurance coverage!



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